AWT2149SC- Side Camera

General Features:

AWTI’s 3rd Eye MobileVision Camera Systems are high performance solutions, featuring built-in Infrared (IR) LED night vision.  The side-mounted heavy duty AWT2149SC camera provides side visibility, allowing the driver to maneuver around difficult or dangerous driving situations while turning and/or changing lanes.

The AWT2149SC Camera features a flexible camera design to accommodate all angles.  Integrated audio allows the driver to hear what the camera sees.

Sony HD Color Chip 1/4″ Sony Super HAD Color CCD
View Angle H: 73° / V: 56°
Shock Rating ≥10G, Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Waterproof IP68 Rating
Night Vision Infrared LED for Night Viewing in Zero Lux (Total Darkness)
High Tempered Glass Durable – Protect Against the Elements
Mounting Flexible Camera Design to Accommodate all Angles
Audio Built-in Microphone to Hear What the Camera Sees
Operating Temperature -67°F to 158°F (-55°C to 70°C)
Trigger Options Custom Camera Triggers – Reverse/Turn Signal Capable
Sun Shield Ultimate View Guard from Sun
User Manual (pdf) Download Here 2012
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