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Managing Your Emergency Vehicle Fleet Has Never Been Easier.

For those in the emergency services, responder safety and real-time equipment status monitoring can be literally a matter of life and death. The complete suite of 3rd Eye products stands ready to provide immediate real-time status to every monitored application in your fleet – as well as video feeds of traffic, cab, and the scene of the incident.

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"The best camera system we've seen"

In this short video, Deputy Chief John Mick of the Narberth Ambulance shares the many ways the 3rd Eye camera system has improved safety and reduced liability for their organization. Operators appreciate the protection that 360° video coverage provides, and officers can view video in real-time or access recorded footage from any point in time, easily accessible in the cloud from any browser. We’re proud to hear that it’s the best system they’ve encountered in the market, and that it has already paid for itself tenfold.


Wrap your emergency vehicles in 360° of camera coverage to monitor vehicle and driver environment in real-time


Know where each and every one of your emergency vehicles are in real-time


Capture engine sensor data to alert for any anomalies to address problems before they occur

View and record passenger behavior in real time
Monitor driver behavior for the ultimate in safety and coaching opportunities
Eliminate blind spots with 360° camera and radar protection
Monitor hydraulic and systems behavior
Monitor passenger behavior with unlimited camera coverage

Know the status of your pumps, hydraulics and all equipment in real time


Know when your assets are on highway and when they’re not with the data to validate


3rd Eye specializes in custom emergency fleet solutions for your department’s needs. We are here to help!

All Your Trucks.
All Your Systems.
One Connection.
One Vision.


Monitor Driver Behavior

3rd Eye lets you view all of your driver's behavior in real time. From speed, traffic control device compliance, hard stops and more.

Vehicle and Body Information

Monitor live vehicle and body information. Prevent issues before they occur, see hydraulic pressures, engine analytics and more.

Complete Camera Coverage

Wrap your emergency vehicles in 360° camera coverage for complete liability protection.
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to an actual fleet owner share his real-world experience with 3rd Eye.

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Take Control Of Your Emergency Vehicle Fleet!

3rd Eye systems allow emergency services fleet managers to monitor all aspects of their fleet, their drivers and their surrounding environment. From safety, to chassis and body behavior and more, we can show you how to take control of all the items that help keep your crews safe and your vehicle functioning at peak performance.