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3rd Eye is committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that improve efficiency and productivity, all without requiring manual action from drivers.

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3rd Eye combines innovative heavy-duty truck camera systems with advanced smart and AI technology to enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency, without the need for manual driver intervention. Our extensive range of solutions caters to various industries, enabling fleets to maximize productivity and significantly improve their bottom lines.

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Truck Driver Fleet Productivity Software Solutions

Smart Technology That Boosts Productivity.

Safety & Driver Productivity

3rd Eye’s camera systems and expert monitoring offer unmatched solutions that enhance safety and reduce incidents that impact productivity. With 360° camera visibility and comprehensive driver coaching opportunities, 3rd Eye assists in reducing the occurrence of costly safety incidents, ensuring that your drivers and vehicles remain productive and on the road.

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Vehicle Analytics

Vehicle Health solutions proactively monitor chassis and body, minimizing downtime by detecting issues BEFORE they occur. This system notifies maintenance staff of upcoming service needs, automates work order creation, and orders parts in advance, allowing ample time for maintenance planning, helping to keep vehicles healthy and on the road.

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Garbage truck service verification software

Positive Service Verification

Automated Positive Service Verification utilizes 3rd Eye cameras and AI technology to document each route stop with video/photo, ensuring fleets have full visibility into when and where services occur, (or why they didn’t). All data is readily available in the Eye-Site portal, maximizing efficiency and customer service.

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garbage truck routing software

Vehicle Tracking

3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking solutions offer complete visibility into the activities of your fleet. Track the precise location of your trucks, past and present in real-time, with comprehensive data that identifies inefficiencies and areas where productivity improvements have been made. Get the most out of your drivers and fleet with 3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking solutions.

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Service Exception Detection software for trucks

Overloaded Container Detection

Overloaded Container Detection streamlines customer interactions by providing automated evidence for billing and upsales, leading to behavioral changes with fewer overloads. This reduces risks and inefficiencies, while still accurately capturing exceptions. Overloads are automatically recorded without driver involvement, maximizing productivity.

Overloaded Container Detection

Automated Waste Recycling Contamination Detection Software for Garbage Trucks

Contamination Detection

3rd Eye camera systems, with intelligent AI technology, seamlessly detect contamination in commercial and residential waste containers without requiring driver intervention. By educating customers, you can reduce contamination, improve compliance, and enhance productivity through fewer rejected loads at the MRF and increased landfill diversion.

Contamination Detection Solution

3rd Eye dramatically improved the communication with our customers

Every day, we’re tasked with servicing routes that cover over 10,000 stops in Greater Colorado. 3rd Eye has helped us do that by having a digital relationship with our customers. It allows us to engage with our customers, and has helped us dramatically improve safety, communication and consistency.”

Scott Lukach
President/CEO, Apex Waste Solutions


Fleet Tracking Software

See Real-Time Statuses and
Activity For All Vehicles

Vehicle tracking tracking technology is a crucial tool in today’s dynamic market landscape, serving as the foundation for the operation of a save and efficient construction fleet.

Dramatically improve safety, boost operational efficiency, streamline vehicle maintenance, and enhance customer service with 3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking advanced vehicle telemetry and location-based solutions. Make informed, real-time decisions with access to both live and historical fleet data, proactively identifying risks and trends to preempt potential threats.

Our accurate and reliable fleet tracking system empowers you with essential insights, enabling strategic decision-making and effortless oversight of your mobile assets. Elevate your fleet’s potential and stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art fleet tracking technology

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Modular Subscription-Based Technology Solutions For Your Needs

3rd Eye specializes in providing modular software subscription solutions that integrate seamlessly with our advanced camera systems, significantly enhancing your fleet management capabilities. Our tailored approach is designed to target your specific needs, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, customer service, and profitability. 3rd Eye experts are industry veterans who act as trusted advisors, and can provide a customize plan to meet your unique requirements and elevate your fleet operations to new heights.

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3rd Eye Camera monthy payments for hardware haas

Convenient Monthly Ownership Options, Customized For Your Needs.

The 3rd Eye monthly ownership options offer a convenient Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model that significantly reduces the upfront costs of equipment, aiding in the success of your business. Along with industry-leading camera systems, you’ll gain peace of mind through comprehensive technical service, support, and warranty protection. Our innovative approach to solution packaging is designed to enhance your total value stream while minimizing your initial out-of-pocket investment. For more information on our monthly ownership model and to learn more about the terms and conditions, please contact us to get started today.

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