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3rd Eye provides a host of technology solutions that simplify many significant aspects of compliance.

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Compliance Made Simple.

Navigating compliance is challenging, requiring precise information collection and knowledge of essential forms for successful filing. Selecting an experienced digital partner to guide through this intricate process is crucial. Additionally, ensuring data accuracy and traceability complicates matters further, with varying requirements across governmental entities. The risk of an audit without adequate documentation reinforces the need for thorough and accurate data. 3rd Eye Compliance Solutions addresses these challenges, streamlining data management and ensuring the accuracy and thoroughness of collected information.

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Automated Compliance Solutions For

  • IFTA Reporting
  • Road Use
  • Excise Tax Reporting
  • SB 1383 For Waste Haulers
  • Container Quality Reviews

Compliance software for fleets

Automated Compliance Solutions

Leveraging advanced vehicle tracking technology, 3rd Eye delivers precise data on fleet usage, offering insights for streamlined compliance. It tracks everything from location/road usage and fuel consumption to engine hours and idle time, ensuring comprehensive performance monitoring.

3rd Eye simplifies IFTA reporting and excise fuel tax recovery by accurately recording necessary compliance data, tailored to state regulations and providing exact location tracking for tax purposes. The Excise Fuel Tax Recovery module efficiently processes Federal tax recovery, pinpointing non-taxable fuel use in real-time. It is compliance with DVIR DOT standards, supporting effective tax recovery.

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SB 1383 Compliance For Waste Haulers

With jurisdictions typically passing compliance requirements to contract holders, haulers have an opportunity to not only win more business by meeting the requirement, but also increase profitability by doing so efficiently. While the guidance allows for manual (physical) route reviews, this method has historically been unsafe, expensive, and resource dependent. 3rd Eye’s Contamination Detection module offers an automated solution to plan, execute and report on annual route reviews as required by SB 1383 and similar legislation.

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California SB 1383 food waste organics waste management

Powerful Contamination Monitoring and Detection.

3rd Eye Contamination Detection provides a passive method for identifying recycling contamination and other non-conforming refuse at the point of collection. Adding the route review module to our contamination detection product will simplify planning, execution and reporting for annual route reviews as required by California State Bill 1383. This automated container audit solution ensures that contract requirements are met and fines for non-compliance are avoided, without requiring additional resources.

Best of all, this technology is fully automated and requires no manual driver action.

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Automated Residential Waste Container Quality Reviews.

By maintaining the quality of your container inventory, you reduce risks, enhance the collection process efficiency, maintain a positive image, and meet container quality compliance obligations.

3rd Eye provides Automated Container Quality Reviews for residential containers, identifying those needing repair or replacement through automatic documentation of each collection event with geolocated photos and videos. This process, reviewed by 3rd Eye, helps pinpoint damaged, defaced, or substandard carts. Our leading customer association technology matches each container to a customer, allowing for quick scheduling of repairs or replacements.

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Automated damaged waste container cart detection software

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