3rd Eye Shield Award

Recognizing the waste industry heroes that go above and beyond to save lives through their actions on refuse routes.

Recognizing Waste Industry Heroes

Garbage truck drivers are often the first to respond in emergencies, playing a crucial role beyond their primary job of collecting trash. They’re trained to be vigilant, frequently identifying situations like medical emergencies or accidents, and providing necessary assistance until further help arrives. The work of waste haulers is inherently risky, and their efforts in community safety and response deserve recognition. 3rd Eye celebrates these heroes and encourages other fleets to share stories of workers who make significant contributions to their communities, bringing industry-wide appreciation for these amazing champions.

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Pat Carroll
President, Environmental Solutions Group

The 3rd Eye Shield Award

The prestigious 3rd Eye Hero Shield Award is presented to waste collection operators who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives of others. They save lives through their training, compassion, and commitment to their fellow human beings. Heroes are all around us. We at 3rd Eye want to celebrate those in your fleet and recognize their bravery, quick actions, and selfless dedication to the residents they serve. We encourage anyone within the waste industry to send us your stories. Our board will review the submissions and will contact those that rise to the level of the Hero Shield—which will be presented annually at the 3rd Eye Hero Shield Banquet.

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3rd Eye Community Shield Award

At 3rd Eye, our company’s philosophy centers on safety and protecting our customers and their communities. Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of drivers who go the extra mile, positively impacting their communities through actions like aiding at accident scenes, reporting crimes in progress, or enhancing their end-users’ lives. We honor these exceptional workers with the 3rd Eye Shield Award. View their stories below to see what sets them apart.

Know a hero? Submit Your Hero Below!

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Community heroes. They are all around us, working every day – and positively impacting the lives of those in their communities. We want to recognize these heroes and we need your help to bring their efforts to light. If you know of someone in your company that has interjected themselves to provide care or service above and beyond – fill out this profile and tell their story. We’ll take it from here.

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