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Innovative technology and hardware systems that work together to keep your drivers and vehicles safe and productive.

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3rd Eye Safety Systems.
Integrated Cameras And Technology.

3rd Eye’s best-in-class camera systems and specialized technology to monitor and identify anomalies in driver behavior. It captures live video footage, which, along with telematic data, is uploaded to the cloud, creating a custom-tailored safety events.

Reviewed by our expert team, these safety events flag best practice criteria, forming dependable and productive coaching materials. Designed for digestible, consistent behavioral coaching, 3rd Eye Driver Education & Development offers highly-actionable insights, eliminating unnecessary information overload. In essence, 3rd Eye helps to ensure driver and vehicle safety through increased route and driver visibility, experienced monitoring, and informed  and efficient driver coaching opportunities.

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Powerful fleet safety solutions:

  • Improving lives through safety best practices
  • Trends/Improve driver’s safety behaviors
  • Helps with litigation in case of wrongful accusation
  • Keeps drivers accountable for their actions
  • Reducing vehicle downtime through driver education
  • Industry expertise to guide you, keeping your business in mind


One of the best investments that we’ve ever made.

3rd Eye  camera systems are fantastic, and the live-streaming feature enables us to view everything that is happening in and around our trucks while on the road.

Safety events provide invaluable insight into areas where drivers can improve through coaching, and 360° video coverage has proven invaluable and has led to operators being exonerated in cases where they were falsely accused of causing an accident. This is one of the best investments that we’ve ever made, and it’s paid for itself many times over”

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery
Concord, CA

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery garbage truck safety video

Integrated smart camera systems for truck fleet safety

Protect Your Drivers.
Protect Your Vehicles.
Protect Your Bottom Line.

3rd Eye Safety Solutions are specifically engineered to ensure an unyielding commitment to maximum driver and vehicle safety. Our best-in-industry camera systems provide 360° coverage with up to eight cameras per vehicle, providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness. Our safety suite also incorporates monitored driver events, offering key coaching opportunities that can improve driver behavior on route, further reducing risks.

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360° Of Live-Streaming Video.
Advanced Analytics And Alerts.

3rd Eye’s advanced camera systems are pivotal in the enhancement of vehicle safety. Our uniquely designed camera systems consist of up to eight cameras strategically placed to offer an all-round vision of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, providing an unobstructed view of what the driver sees, as well as the crucial blind spots they don’t.

The live streaming feature enables real-time monitoring, while our advanced analytics capabilities capture and process vital data for safer, more informed decision-making, with real-time alerts to instantly flag potential issues or risks. All these insights are conveniently consolidated and viewable in our intuitive Eye-Sight console. With 3rd Eye’s camera systems, we turn blind spots into points of visibility, enhancing driver awareness and safety.

Vehicle Camera Systems

Truck Safety Radar Systems - collision detection radar

Powerful Obstruction Detection.
Accurate Results With Clearer Vision.

Upgraded IRIS Radar from 3rd Eye delivers unbeatable power and improved accuracy over other vehicle radar systems. Its enhanced frequency can detect multiple smaller objects concurrently, ensuring no obstacle goes unnoticed. With refined detection zones, it surpasses the traditional fan pattern view, leading to superior obstruction detection. This lets drivers focus on their tasks, knowing the IRIS Radar is diligently scanning their surroundings. In essence, 3rd Eye’s Vehicle Radar Systems provide reliable alerts about vehicles and unseen obstacles, making it the most powerful safety solution for drivers.

Collison Warning Radar Systems

Protect Your Drivers And Fleet With 3rd Eye Next-Generation Safety Solutions

Secure a safer tomorrow today with 3rd Eye Safety Systems. Our advanced camera systems deliver live streaming and 360° coverage, putting every detail in view. Improve fleet safety with driver monitoring, featuring automated alerts for proactive behavior coaching. Utilize our IRIS system for collision warning and object detection to prevent accidents.

Safety isn’t just a goal, it’s a commitment. Our expert team is ready to guide you in deploying the most advanced, reliable safety systems. Equip your fleet with 3rd Eye Safety Systems now and enhance your road safety. Every second in safety counts. Contact us to learn more and request a demo today.

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