Truck Cameras and Fleet Management Software Technology
3rd Eye® Digital

3rd Eye Digital is the best fleet management tool to modify your drivers’ behavior, reduce accident costs and generate more revenue from your vehicles. It gives you unmatched awareness of what’s happening with your vehicles and drivers at all times. Drive top-line growth while improving operational efficiency.

3rd Eye® Digital
3rd Eye® Mobile

3rd Eye has developed the industry-leading truck camera systems and monitors, designed to withstand shock and vibrations up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt and handle extreme temperatures. The 3rd Eye truck camera systems are available with recording capabilities through our built-in SD Card Monitors and stand-alone mobile DVR units.

3rd Eye® Mobile
Collision Avoidance Radar Systems

The 3rd Eye family of “Integrated Collison Avoidance Radar Systems” offer cutting-edge solutions to protect both the public and your drivers. 3rd Eye vehicle radar systems will continue to drive up profitability by helping reduce costly blind spot accidents while increasing peace of mind and productivity within the organization!

Radar Systems
ESG Connected Collections

Connected-Collections converts vehicle-borne data into valuable information that fleet owners can use to make better decisions – faster. Everything ports through one cell connection to the cloud – and then to the 3rd Eye Eye-Site™ Business Intelligence – where it is disseminated to 3rd Eye SaaS modules or the powerful Soft-Pak® back-office suite of software for further processing.

Connected Collections

Industry Specific Fleet Solutions

3rd Eye has extensive experience developing custom fleet management and safety solutions for every industry. Choose your field below and see how the 3rd Eye revolutionary technology can make your business safer and more efficient, with huge impacts on your bottom line.


3rd Eye products are right at home in vehicles that have the toughest duty cycle of any vehicle other than in a war zone.


3rd Eye systems are on board with utility vehicles responsible for helping to keep America’s infrastructure functioning.


3rd Eye Enhance VBA helps construction fleets better manage their assets, their payload, and their profit.


3rd Eye provides robust solutions for the food and beverage distribution industry.


3rd Eye provides chassis and body sensor monitoring – along with safety camera and collision avoidance radar to concrete producers who need 360° of vision around their vehicles.

Mobile Cranes

3rd Eye chassis and body sensor data, along with vehicle and boom-mounted cameras provide mission-critical data to crane operators and crane maintenance specialists.

School Bus

3rd Eye camera-monitoring systems and license plate detection bring an added layer of safety and peace of mind to vehicles that transport our children.


3rd Eye camera/collision avoidance radar, along with sensor data, is available to assist emergency vehicles getting to where they are needed as safely as possible.

My 3rd Eye Camera System Paid For Itself.

Frank Mishoe from Carolina Towing shares his experience with the 3rd Eye camera system. With just one saved claim, the system paid for itself, protected his company and driver, and saved a lot of lost time and aggravation.

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The Internet Of Possible

At 3rd Eye, we see a vision that involves a different acronym. We call it the Internet of Possible (IOP). Today's modern fleets need to be digitally connected to communicate with backroom systems to ensure safety, productivity… and profitability. Our vision is to provide fleet owners with the information to help them make smarter decisions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. With 3rd Eye, the Internet of Possible isn’t us. The Internet of Possible is… you.

Discover The Internet Of Possible

The best truck delivery confirmation software from 3rd Eye

What If…

Trucks could monitor its own payload and tell the truck’s owner when the payload was delivered along with video-based evidence… in real time?

Truck Fleet Management Systems Analytic Software

What If…

Trucks could talk with the fleet’s maintenance department, with the information that a part for a system that was GOING to fail within the next month, and then place an order for that part autonomously?

Truck Fleet Fuel Tax Tracking Software

What If…

A truck could sense its location and determine whether it was on-route, or off-road with regard to federal highway tax implications?

At 3rd Eye, these are Will Do's, not What If's

Our Vision is to help fleet owners make smarter decisions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

At 3rd Eye, we have one vision.

A vision of a connected world - yours.

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