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  • 3rd Eye Digital

    3rd Eye Digital

    3rd Eye Digital is the tool you need to modify your drivers' behavior, reduce your accident costs and generate more revenue from your vehicles. It gives you unmatched awareness of what's happening with your vehicles and drivers at all times. drive top-line growth while improving operational efficiency.

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  • Mobile Vision

    Mobile Vision

    3rd Eye has developed the industry leading back up camera system designed to withstand shock and vibrations up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt and handle extreme temperatures. Complete recording capabilities are available through our built-in SD Card Monitors and stand alone mobile DVR units.

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  • ELD

    Electronic Log Devices (ELD)

    Electronic Logging Devices to reduce paperwork, increase accuracy – and make Hours of Service [HOS] reporting easier. With 3rd Eye – One Vision, ELD is merely part of the offering, allowing direct communication between the engine and the embedded software.

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  • Enhance VBA

    Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics (Enhance VBA™)

    All modern vehicles speak a digital language. Whether it’s merely engine information or complete chassis and body communication, up to this point in time, very few companies had the resources or inherent knowledge to both interpret and act upon this language - all in real time.

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  • Radar

    Radar Systems

    The 3rd Eye family of "Integrated Radar Systems" offer cutting edge solutions to protect both the public and your drivers. This system will continue to drive up profitability by helping reduce costly blind spot accidents while increasing peace of mind and productivity within the organization!

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3rd Eye Line Of Products

3rd Eye, a Dover Company is the leader in the development of safety and operational systems that bridge the gap between the driver, the vehicle, and the fleet owner. Long known as a pioneer in the vehicle camera market segment, 3rd Eye has continued to evolve with safety camera and collision avoidance radar – while simultaneously developing new Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ [Enhance VBA™] systems that allow fleet owners to truly understand the language today’s vehicles speak.

Simply put, 3rd Eye has developed a communications platform that monitors critical chassis and body systems, along with up to seven camera video feeds – and sends that information in real time to fleet owners. With 3rd Eye's systems, fleet owners can now monitor and train drivers on safe operational practices – while maintenance managers can monitor the vehicle’s operational systems to better predict vehicle maintenance needs. In other words, the vehicle talks to the fleet owner and communicates how it’s being operated and if a system is not operating to peak performance.

This system also sends video feedback to fleet owners, helping to mitigate service fraud – as well as provide immediate resolution to accident claims or other situations where real time video can support investigatory efforts. Geo-tagging allows fleet owners to better utilize their assets – which also increases productivity and overall Fleet ROI.

3rd Eye also offers state-of-the-art Electronic Logging Device [ELD] solutions that satisfy Federal Hours of Service [HOS] mandate.

3rd Eye Products Have Given Us Complete Control Of Our Fleet.

I believe that moving forward, our fleet would be utilizing Enhance VBA™ because it is a necessity more than a luxury. It gives us the ability to have an in depth look of our fleet and allows us to be more profitable against a competitor in a marketplace where there are very little margins. - Jason Leck Vice President, Leck Waste Services Read More Testimonials


Whether you are a refuse company owner, over the road fleet manager or government agency, 3rd Eye has the solution to your fleet’s specific needs.