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Expandability To Meet YOUR Specific Needs

3rd Eye technology provides virtually unlimited software subscription configurations, customized to meet the unique needs of your operation.

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Modular Subscription Plans That Provide The Exact Solutions For Your Unique Needs.

3rd Eye Camera Systems and Software Solutions are at the forefront of technological innovation in fleet management. These modular solutions are designed for limitless expandability, offering an unparalleled approach to enhancing safety, boosting productivity, and maximizing profitability. Affordable subscription models allow fleets of varying sizes to customize solutions to their specific needs. With a vast array of technology solutions, each is custom-engineered to tackle specific challenges with precision and efficiency. This means fleets only invest in what they truly need, ensuring a cost-effective, tailored approach to problem-solving.

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Key Features

  • Durable camera systems that work as hard as you do
  • Customizable modular software solutions, choose only what works for your application
  • Virtually unlimited configurations that grow with you
  • Cameras and technology solutions for any industry or application
  • Customized solutions for your unique needs

It All Starts With The 3rd Eye Camera System And Gateway.

3rd Eye’s innovative solutions all start with our durable camera systems and gateway. With up to eight cameras on a single vehicle, each are seamlessly connected to the cloud through the 3rd Eye gateway. This integration forms the backbone of our platform, a hub that enables the addition of unlimited modular software solutions. These solutions collect and analyze volumes of data, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

The brilliance of the 3rd Eye system lies in its scalability; as your fleet grows, so does the system’s capability. You can add new modular solutions at any time, ensuring that your fleet’s technological needs are always met without ever outpacing the system’s capacity. With the 3rd Eye Camera System, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a future-proof solution that evolves alongside your business.

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Integrated Truck cameras and camera systems for vehicle fleets

Choose Subscriptions That Solve YOUR Problems And Give YOU A Competitive Edge.

Safety/Driver Education & Development

With up to eight cameras providing 360° coverage, including driver, exterior views, hopper (for the waste industry), and equipment cameras, all footage is streamed live through the 3rd Eye interface, for real-time visibility. Real-time monitoring offers unparalleled opportunities for driver coaching and event review.

Safety & Driver Education/Development

Vehicle & Asset Maintenance

Vehicle & Asset Maintenance solutions monitor truck and body, as well as stationary compaction or recycling equipment, identifying issues BEFORE they occur. This system alerts maintenance personnel of impending service needs, automatically generates work orders, and orders parts well in advance of the required service date, saving time and labor, and ensuring your fleet operates at peak efficiency.

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Garbage truck service verification software

Positive Service Verification

Automated Positive Service Verification utilizes 3rd Eye cameras and AI technology to document each route stop with video/photo, ensuring fleets have full visibility into when and where services occur, (or why they didn’t). All data is readily available in the Eye-Site portal, maximizing efficiency and customer service.

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garbage truck routing software

Vehicle/Asset Tracking/Compliance

Vehicle & Asset Tracking/Compliance solutions offer complete visibility into the activities of your fleet. Track the precise location of your trucks, past and present, with comprehensive data automatically compiled for accurate IFTA/Fuel Tax reporting, eliminating the the need for manual input from drivers or research by accounting teams.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Automated Waste Recycling Contamination Detection Software for Garbage Trucks

Contamination Detection

3rd Eye camera systems, integrated with smart AI technology, detect contamination in commercial or residential waste containers effortlessly, eliminating the need for driver action. Receive automatic contamination alerts, and efficiently educate or fine customers to minimize recycling contamination, ensure compliance, and maximize driver productivity.

Contamination Detection Solutions

compactor and baler analytics software

Compaction & Recycling Asset Analytics

3rd Eye’s powerful technology solutions provide real-time visibility into what your equipment is doing, with all data easily accessible in the 3rd Eye portal. From fullness detection for compaction equipment, bale weight capture, equipment status, and more, asset analytics helps to improve efficiency, sustainability, and bottom lines.

Compactor & Baler Equipment Solutions

3rd Eye dramatically improved the efficiency of our fleet operations.

Every day, we’re tasked with servicing routes that cover over 10,000 stops in Greater Colorado. 3rd Eye has helped us do that by having a digital relationship with our customers. It allows us to engage with our customers, and has helped us dramatically improve safety, communication, and consistency.”

Scott Lukach
President/CEO, Apex Waste Solutions


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Modular Subscription-Based Technology Solutions For Your Needs

3rd Eye specializes in providing modular software subscription solutions that integrate seamlessly with our advanced camera systems, significantly enhancing your fleet management capabilities. Our tailored approach is designed to target your specific needs, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, customer service, and profitability. 3rd Eye experts are industry veterans who act as trusted advisors, and can provide a customize plan to meet your unique requirements and elevate your fleet operations to new heights.

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