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3rd Eye Fleet Maintenance Software continuously monitors chassis, body, and equipment, providing invaluable data that allows you to foresee problems BEFORE they arise.

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Overcome Fleet Maintenance Challenges

Even with the best mechanics and maintenance practices, unforeseen issues can slip through the cracks, creating costly downtime and maintenance issues that decrease productivity, increase expenses, and create customer service challenges.

3rd Eye uses advanced artificial intelligence to monitor your vehicles and equipment, alerting your team to potential issues BEFORE they arise. Take action prior to breakdowns and prevent small problems from becoming major ones.

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Key Features

  • Predict issues BEFORE they occur
  • Receive detailed maintenance requirements
  • Reduce fleet downtime / need for spares
  • Improve maintenance processes
  • Reduce shop labor costs
  • Optimize work order handling and execution
  • Minimize manual processes for reporting maintenance concerns
  • Improve vehicle diagnostic time
  • Identify and describing details of needed repairs

Fleet maintenance and health monitoring software for trucks

It’s Like Having A Personal Doctor For Every Vehicle In Your Fleet

The 3rd Eye Fleet Maintenance module is like having a dedicated physician exclusively for your vehicles. Our intelligent artificial intelligence processors capture thousands of chassis and body data points, effectively “listening” to the “heartbeat” of your vehicle, providing a complete “medical health record”. This continuous monitoring enables you to see issues before they arise, ensuring that vehicles remains in peak condition, always ready to deliver their best performance.

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See EXACTLY What Is Wrong & Step-By-Step Instruction For How To Fix It

Eye-Site Fleet Maintenance revolutionizes vehicle, body, and equipment maintenance management by providing a full list of maintenance or repair items that need to be completed, including level of importance based on severity or time frame until failure.

Mechanics have detailed descriptions for the repair, including a comprehensive description of easy-to-follow repair instructions. This powerful functionality virtually eliminates incorrect or time-consuming diagnostic labor, drastically improving efficiency and vehicle up time. In addition, with complete step-by-step instructions, mechanics with more basic knowledge can perform tasks that previously required senior technicians to accomplish.

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Fleet maintenance and health monitoring and management software

Heil garbage truck maintenance monitoring and repair software

Manage Alerts For Your Heil Refuse Applications

3rd Eye for Maintenance, in partnership with Heil, enables specialized body alerting. The intelligent system processes vast amounts of data from the Heil controller system. This data is then processed by 3rd Eye to create maintenance alerts that help keep your fleet running at its highest level. With detailed work instructions, maintaining your Heil fleet has never been easier. With the Heil technical support team just a fingertip away and your local dealer down the road, 3rd Eye for Maintenance in partnership with Heil epitomizes the true definition of Connected Collections, providing the information you need to make better decisions faster.

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3rd Eye Camera monthy payments for hardware haas

Convenient Monthly Ownership Options, Customized For Your Needs.

The 3rd Eye monthly ownership options offer a convenient Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model that significantly reduces the upfront costs of equipment, aiding in the success of your business. Along with industry-leading camera systems, you’ll gain peace of mind through comprehensive technical service, support, and warranty protection. Our innovative approach to solution packaging is designed to enhance your total value stream while minimizing your initial out-of-pocket investment. For more information on our monthly ownership model and to learn more about the terms and conditions, please contact us to get started today.

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