Waste Connections Driver Stacy Gillispie Presented With 3rd Eye Shield Award

Waste Connections driver Stacy Gillespie wins 3rd Eye shield award

At a recent 3rd Eye® Virtual Users Group Conference, 3rd Eye was proud to award Hero Shield Awards for activities that saved lives. An award was presented to Waste Connections employee Stacy Gillispie, who while on his normal route, intervened in a situation involving an attack by a dog on a small family. Gillispie immediately assessed the situation, placing himself in harm’s way to spirit the children into the safety of his cab. That split-second decision – and with complete disregard to his own safety – earned Gillispie the 3rd Eye Hero Shield.

Stacy’s manager at Waste Connections shared, “Our Driver, Stacy Gillispie is a consummate professional! He is focused. He owns his environment. He is a courteous professional driver and he epitomizes our company values”

In addition to the 3rd Eye award, Waste Connections honored Stacy with a $500 check for his actions.

To learn more about the 3rd Eye Shield award, or to submit a hero for consideration, visit our Shield Award page.