Enhanced Fleet Awareness

3rd Eye Digital provides a comprehensive suite of reporting and recording tools that incorporate onboard cameras, engine and transmission data, as well as body systems.

3rd Eye Digital


From accurate GPS location tracking to fuel consumption to video service logging, 3rd Eye Digital provides fleet owners with an ala carte menu of features that enhances productivity, validates services rendered, captures and transmits critical chassis and body system sensor data and much more. The 3rd Eye Hurricane Gateway™ allows the transmission of all video, radar and chassis/body data to be transmitted to any number of back room route management software suites.

  • Up to eight (8) cameras recording
  • Dual Micro SD Card Slots (Up to 512 GB of non-stop recording)
  • 64GB MicroSD Card (nonstop recording)
  • Live video streaming (iPad/iPhone/PC)
  • AVL/Geo-Fencing
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Real-Time alerts
  • Remote software updates
  • Customized reporting
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Fleet owners have the full power of Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ [VBA] at their disposal to assess any number of critical data feeds to monitor the driver’s environment. Know the health of your fleet to get in front of potential maintenance issues… before they become issues.

  • Mitigate accident liability through real time video event recording
  • Enhance route efficiencies with positive service verification
  • Capture critical data transmitted from both the chassis and the body
  • Industry specific reporting, i.e. shrinkage, fuel usage, asset utilization
  • Events can be used for training purposes
  • Identify risky behaviors, vehicle & routes
  • Exonerate drivers when not at fault
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Stop Sign Detection Software For Vehicles
3rd Eye Digital

Video Analytics

3rd Eye Digital video analytic software will give you unmatched awareness of what is happening with your vehicles and your drivers at all times. Built directly into the system, companies will benefit from data being recorded and verified such as:

  • Speed limit sign detection
  • Traffic sign detection (stop sign/light)
  • Vehicle proximity detection (tailgating)
  • Distractions (smoking, cell phone use)
  • Vehicle and driving lane recognition
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Activate Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™

Enhance VBA™ delivers fleet owners with unprecedented access to vehicle data that allows them to make smarter decisions, field safer drivers, and ultimately more efficient operations that deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Integrated Truck Body Data Systems


3rd Eye provides engineered body-system-sensor systems that provide real-time status and feedback for both chassis and body-related functions. Fleet owners know critical operational metrics, such as fuel consumption, operational temperatures and pressures – as well as when hydraulics are being utilized and the position of hydraulically operated body systems.

Truck Route Service Verification Software with truck camera systems


3rd Eye systems allow for both autonomous and manual verification of service for both residential and commercial applications. You can now verify missed service episodes, protect against fraudulent claims, and identify additional fee collection. Regardless of your industry, 3rd Eye can provide you with the definitive service verification data that you can then share with your customer.

Fleet Fuel Tax Reporting Software


This allows fleet owners to know when fuel is being used to move the vehicle vs. when the vehicle is using fuel to perform a body function [like compacting a load of garbage or lifting a man bucket]. Geo sensors allow fleet owners to know when assets are operating on-road vs. off-road. For the first time, fleet owners have the ability to request tax rebates for the Heavy Highway Use Tax, for fuel used during non-use fuel consumption.

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Live Streaming Truck Cameras


Whether you’re needing video proof of service, or analyzing accident data, 3rd Eye live streaming is an invaluable tool to gather information – by accessing any of the cameras installed on your vehicle (up to eight views) – all in real time.

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3rd Eye makes integration with any number of third-party peripherals easy utilizing the Hurricane Gateway™ open architecture platform. Peripherals include things like body scales, inventory control – and any number of back office systems.

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