Let 3rd Eye radar alert your driver to what he can’t see

The 3rd Eye family of Integrated Radar Systems offer cutting edge solutions to protect both your drivers, your assets, and those in close proximity to your vehicle. 3rd Eye Radar Systems assist drivers by notifying them of other vehicles as well as obstacles they may not see. Vehicles operating 3rd Eye radar systems routinely report less accidents and near misses, and combined with 3rd Eye camera systems – provide an added level of safety and protection that adds peace of mind. 3rd Eye radar system utilize your existing 3rd Eye MobileVision camera cables for easy installation.

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Integrated Truck Radar System Benefits

The 3rd Eye family of Integrated Radar Systems offer cutting-edge solutions to protect both the public and your drivers. This system will continue to drive up profitability by helping reduce costly blind spot accidents while increasing peace of mind and productivity within the organization.

  • Save Lives
  • Reduce Accidents
  • Lower Insurance
  • Protect Assets
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Driver Retention
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Radar For Any Application

One of the largest causes of truck accidents is failure to see danger in the driver’s blind areas. With our integrated Doppler Microwave Technology, you will benefit from the advantage of object detection/collision avoidance even under the most extreme applications.

  • Single Sensor Operation
  • All Weather Operation

  • Intelligent Technology

  • Retrofit & OEM Solutions
  • In-Cab Display w/Audible and Visual Warning

  • Integrates to Existing 3rd Eye Camera Cable or Body Builder

  • Automatic Braking (Optional)

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