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Join The 3rd Eye Team

There are few places in the commercial vehicle installation industry where you can be exposed to so many potential customers. Whether you work locally or nationally, getting “found” is key to your success. The 3rd Eye network of installation professionals provides our nationwide network of customers with the highest quality installation services. We handle single installation jobs, to large installation deployment projects covering multiple states and many locations.

When an installation job is identified in your area, we will contact the closest installer in good standing or the preferred installed identified by the customer to share the job details with you and to get a quote. If you accept the job we’ll coordinate the details with the customer and you will invoice 3rd Eye for the amount listed on the work order. Everything is done in writing so there is a minimal amount of confusion. 3rd Eye will also provide you detailed information on the time, date, location, contacts, devices, etc to be installed.

We’re bringing you a new job and handling all the coordination, training, and details so your team can continue to stay productive doing installations. You continue to make the majority of the money and we don’t press you for super low rates like other installer networks, it is a win-win. If the customer rejects your price, we simply move to the next installer in the area. We will provide you with webinar training on each job as well as conducting a quality assurance call after the installation to ensure the customer is satisfied.