Protecting Our Nation’s Most Valuable Asset – Our Children

School buses should get every drivers’ attention immediately, but sometimes they don’t. 3rd Eye cameras, on-board vehicle radar, and sensors help to ensure they arrive home safely every day. 3rd Eye outward and rearward-facing bus cameras capture video of drivers who illegally pass school buses are immediately identified. Inside the bus, rear-facing cameras help drivers to monitor passenger safety with real-time monitoring. Engine monitoring is also present to help ensure the bus is operating efficiently.


Wrap your busses in 360° of video camera coverage to monitor vehicle and driver environment in real-time


Know where each and every one of your busses are in real-time


Capture engine sensor data to alert for any anomalies to address problems before they occur.

Monitor passenger behavior with unlimited camera coverage
Monitor passenger behavior with unlimited camera coverage
Monitor driver behavior in real time for the ultimate in safety and coaching opportunities
Keep passengers safe with plate recognition software for non-compliant drivers
Wrap your vehicle in 360° camera and radar coverage for maximum protection
Monitor complete drivetrain analytics for the ultimate in maintenance solutions

Capture license plate as well as character recognition of stop sign violators.


Provide video monitoring of passengers in real time – all of the time.


3rd Eye specializes in custom bus fleet management solutions for your specific needs. We are here to help!

How It Works

3rd Eye is the most technologically advanced bus fleet management solution for the transportation industry, trusted by bussing companies all over the United States, just like yours. From Enhance VBA® (Vehicle Behavioral Analytics), 3rd Eye Digital, 3rd Eye Mobile, Collision Avoidance Radar, and more, 3rd Eye has the most comprehensive fleet management solutions on the market.

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One Connection.
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Monitor Driver Behavior

3rd Eye lets you view all of your bus driver's behavior in real time. From speed, traffic control device compliance, hard stops and more.

Vehicle and Body Information

Monitor live bus and engine information. Prevent issues before they occur, view engine analytics and more.

Complete Camera Coverage

Wrap your busses in 360° camera coverage for complete liability protection.
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