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Making Complex IFTA and Excise Tax Reporting Simple.

IFTA Reporting and Excise Tax Refund Audits are complex! With IFTA reporting, you are required to keep track of when your operation takes you across state lines. And if your refuse collection routes take you off federal highways, in 17 states, you can file for a fuel use rebate, but you’ll need to provide accurate asset location data. With 3rd Eye-equipped fleets, you’re covered with Certif-Eye® – the Excise / IFTA Tracking and flexible reporting SaaS module, part of ESG’s Connected Collections® Digital Strategy focused on helping fleet owners make better decisions – faster.

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Passive asset location tracking lets your drivers drive. It's what they do best.

With Certif-Eye installed, your drivers drive. It’s what they do best. Certif-Eye tracks your asset location and fuel use – creating solid documentary evidence that makes fuel-use auditing for cross-border customers simple. This information is automatically loaded into reports that satisfy IFTA requirements. For those states allowing for Federal Excise Tax rebates, Certif-Eye tracks your fuel consumption and overlays that with your asset’s travel history and location to within 15 feet, providing you with the detailed-fuel-use-per-location records your accountant needs to apply for your Off-Highway excise tax rebate. Your customers are satisfied, your accountant’s work is streamlined and easy to audit – and your operation remains compliant.

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NOTE: 3rd Eye is not a tax consultant and does not provide tax advice. While 3rd Eye does provide very detailed, route-specific information to support your tax filings, always consult your tax professional prior to filing any tax reporting.

Discover how Certif-Eye can help you make better decisions, faster.

Discover how the Certif-Eye module from 3rd Eye simplifies IFTA and Federal Excise Tax reporting by passively collecting asset location data. With Certif-Eye, your drivers drive – it’s what they do best!

To learn more about the full array of Connected Collections digital solutions, get in touch with us today and request a free, no-obligation demo. We’ll show you how Connected Collections can help fleet owners make better decisions, faster!

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Make better decisions. Faster.

The ESG Connected Collections digital strategy gives fleet owners the information they need to make better decisions…faster. Learn more about how Connected Collections can make a difference to your bottom line.

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