Verif-Eye® Positive Service Verification SaaS Improves Your Bottom Line!

Verif-Eye, the Positive Service Verification SaaS module that supports Connected Collections, simplifies a driver’s workload by passively collecting service events – allowing the driver to focus on piloting the vehicle safely. Drivers no longer need to take photos of positive service – or of not-outs or blocked containers. Fully customizable, Verif-Eye allows fleet owners to customize other exceptions that allow drivers to keep their tablets in their cradles – and removes unwanted distractions from the cab.

Verif-Eye helps to boost your fleet’s productivity, improves relationships with your customers, and grows your bottom line! Verif-Eye, powered by Eye-Site™ Business Intelligence, is part of the Environmental Solutions Groups Connected Collections Digital Strategy. Connected Collections helps fleet owners make better decisions – faster.

Improve Customer Relationships. Capture Previously Un-Billed Events. Increase Productivity.

With the advancement of technology, there’s a means to collect data from a refuse collection vehicle – or RCV that provides solutions to specifically address these challenges, each of which has a positive effect on the hauler’s performance improves the relationship with their customers, and ultimately, grows their bottom line.

Overloaded Trash Container Documentation
Overloaded Containers
Recycling Contamination Documentation
Recycling Contamination
Blocked Containers
Identifying Container Location
Failed Set-Outs
Property Damage Claims

Who, What, When and Where of YOUR Services!

The intelligent Verif-Eye system in conjunction with the easy-to-use Tablet to Gateway integration powered by Mobile-Pak™ through Connected Collections allows your solutions to work for you!

Verif-Eye can work to drive different association mechanisms to provide immediate customer service – no guesses, no “I’ll get back to you later”. Factual documentation helps to avoid hard feelings from end-users when pickups don’t occur for reasons they are unaware of, like a blocked container.

Captures Time and Date Stamped Image/Video of EVERY Service Event.

With the 3rd Eye® Verif-Eye module activated in your vehicle, you have the ability to passively collect a time and date-stamped image/video of EVERY service event and customer touchpoint, including latitude and longitude positioning of the vehicle. This provides real-time visibility from the comfort of your office. Provide immediate customer service – no guesses, no “I’ll get back to you later”. Factual documentation helps to avoid hard feelings from end-users when pickups don’t occur for reasons they are unaware of, like a blocked container.

Integrated Solutions!

Verif-Eye integrates with your Heil® and Soft-Pak® solutions to provide a seamless integration that improves your bottom line and strengthens the relationship with your end users. Service events are captured and sent to your team in real time – and can be easily integrated into your back-office environment. With the help of the Soft-Pak brand’s industry leading customer-facing software suite, your team can determine how you want to take action.Verif-Eye reviewers, combined with cutting-edge artificial intelligence can review all service events to identify key performance indicators that can boost both productivity and profit.

Garbage Truck Positive Service Verification Software

Automatically Adds Service Verification Images To Your Back-Office Portal.

With Verif-Eye, event images are passively collected and sent to the 3rd Eye portal for digital confirmation that service was provided, or not provided at that exact location. If unable to service the customer, the photo records the reason. These images can also be sent to your back office ERP to simplify customer service, billing and reporting,

Dramatically Increase Revenue By Identifying and Billing For Overloaded Commercial Containers.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Verif-Eye can also automatically identify overloaded commercial containers and other exceptions for immediate invoicing or service increase opportunities.

Discover how much potential revenue your business is leaving on the table by entering your own fleet information into our Verif-Eye ROI Calculator.

Calculate Your ROI

Dramatically Increase Productivity and End-User Satisfaction.

Fleets can access pictures or videos immediately when a customer has been serviced and can provide an updated service schedule if there are expected delays on the route. This dramatically increases route productivity and end-user satisfaction.

3rd Eye Eye-Site Fleet Management Software Portal

Introducing the new Eye-Site™ Interface

Introducing the new Eye-Site User Interface. Now 3rd Eye customers will have access to the most comprehensive interface out there – designed to allow easy access to millions of data points – driven by Eye-Site Business Intelligence, the engine that fuels Connected Collections. With Eye-Site, users can easily manipulate fleet information, Optim-Eyes® data feeds, Safety Intelligence information – or a host of other customizable reports that help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

Discover how Verif-Eye® can help you make better decisions, faster.

With the 3rd Eye Verif-Eye module in your fleet’s corner, your drivers drive – it’s what they do best. For Commercial Front Load operations, container overages are costly to fleet owners – but thanks to Verif-Eye, there is a way to capture this revenue as well as provide better service to your customers. Simply input your fleet’s information into the calculator to see what the potential revenue would be for your commercial front load fleet.

With typical ROI in HOURS, the 3rd Eye Verif-Eye module is could be the smartest thing you do for your business this year. Contact your nearest 3rd Eye, Heil, or Soft-Pak sales representative to walk you through the calculator or to set up a demo.

Calculate Your Verif-Eye ROI

Make better decisions. Faster.

The ESG Connected Collections gives fleet owners the information they need to make better decisions…faster. Learn more about how Connected Collections can make a difference to your bottom line.

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