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Fleet Maintenance Technology That Solves Problems and Improves Bottom Lines

Garbage truck maintenance is challenged by a number of factors that impact overall business performance – starting with the number of vehicles modern fleets have to manage.

While vehicle and body technologies have grown dramatically over the last decade, the means to collect data from a refuse collection vehicle have lagged – often resulting in reactive maintenance campaigns that only tackle repairs after the vehicle is out of service, or down on route. This in turn impacts fleet productivity and customer service. Ultimately, this leads to an increased spare ratio, which only adds additional cost.

A quantum leap forward in the the ability to see the future of your fleet's maintenance needs.

With the advancement of technology, there’s a means to collect data from a refuse collection vehicle – or RCV that provides solutions to specifically address these challenges, each of which has a positive effect on the hauler’s performance improves the relationship with their customers and ultimately, grows their bottom line.
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  • Predict maintenance issues WEEKS before they become a problem.
  • Dramatically reduce truck parts inventories
  • Reduce downtime and the need for spare vehicles
  • Improve your customer service
  • Grow your bottom line
Truck Fleet Mechanical Health Monitoring

It's like having a cardiologist and fitness trainer overseeing your vehicle's health.

Optim-Eyes® is both predictive and prescriptive. Invented by experienced mechanics and supported by data science and machine learning, Optim-Eyes has the potential to reduce maintenance costs by 25 percent, troubleshooting by 70 percent, and has the ability to increases fuel economy by up to 27 percent.

Reduces Maintenance Costs By:


Reduces Troubleshooting Time By


Increases Fuel Economy By


See vehicle maintenance issues BEFORE they become a problem.

Predictability comes into play as Optim-Eyes unique time-advanced fault-code detection – a fancy term for artificial intelligence – works to accurately predict maintenance issues two to three weeks before they become a problem.

Optim-Eyes diagnoses maintenance issues to vehicle fault codes to allow for scheduled maintenance. In addition, Optim-Eyes provides visibility to the asset’s future regarding overall fleet health to help downtime scheduling and maintenance cost forecasting. Consider the impact this forward visibility into your fleet health would have on your business.

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Communicates what to fix and how to fix it.

Optim-Eyes communicates what to fix AND how to fix it; including the engine, brakes, coolant, both diesel and CNG fuel systems, electrical systems, and exhaust, not to mention how weather impacts the vehicle’s performance! Having a detailed diagnosis of each vehicle on this granular level reduces errant parts inventories and ultimately reduces the need for fleet spares to compensate for unanticipated breakdowns.

Vehicle Fleet Health Report Software

Automatically opens work orders in your system, prioritized by severity level

The diagnosis includes a low, medium, or high severity level to allow for efficient shop labor scheduling and part planning. Each event will automatically open work orders in your fleet maintenance system and provide fleet owners with extensive comprehensive asset-based fleet health assessments.

Next-Level Technology. Passive Data Collection. Incredibly Simple To Use.

The RCV J1939 telemetry data, or “heartbeat” from the chassis and body, is collected by the 3rd Eye gateway, processed, and displayed in the 3rd Eye portal. Optim-Eyes diagnoses maintenance issues to vehicle fault codes to allow for scheduled maintenance.

The Optim-Eyes deployment is simple. An out-of-the-box solution, with data available on day one, integrates with your maintenance ERP system, activated by email. No driver interaction is required, and an intuitive, color-coded dashboard is provided for easy visual reference and fault identification, allowing for immediate action or deferred maintenance.

Fleet health for heil garbage truck image of heil frontloader

Fleet Health for Heil Garbage Trucks

Optim-Eyes offers automated diagnostic reporting with predictive maintenance analytics. The intelligent artificial intelligence processors can capture your Heil body’s constantly broadcasting Mobile Controller communications, in combination with telemetry signals, creating a detailed health snapshot.

With historical tracking and continuous monitoring, Optim-Eyes can inform you ahead of time if a refuse vehicle needs maintenance. The easy-to-use solution includes a complete description list of technician instructions, reducing diagnostic times. The intuitive Optim-Eyes user experience provides your team with a list of Work Orders that can be executed, allowing you to manage workflows and improve uptime and opportunities for success.

Our solution partners allow a streamlined integration that provides automated work orders right into your system. Integration options allow you to work in your existing platform (if available), and take advantage of Optim-Eyes’ intelligent processing, improving maintenance work scheduling. Reduce downtime having Optim-Eyes catch key issues BEFORE they occur.

Heil Body Health Brochure
3rd Eye Eye-Site Fleet Management Software Portal

Discover the new Eye-Site User Interface

Introducing the new Eye-Site User Interface. Now 3rd Eye customers will have access to the most comprehensive interface out there – designed to allow easy access to millions of data points – driven by Eye-Site Business Intelligence, the engine that fuels Connected Collections®. With Eye-Site, users can easily manipulate fleet information, Optim-Eyes data feeds, Safety Intelligence information – or a host of other customizable reports that help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

Discover how Optim-Eyes can help you make better decisions, faster.

Right-size your fleet, decrease your maintenance costs, level-load your tech labor, decrease your fuel expense, reduce inventory, and provide better customer service – a powerful combination that will allow you to make better decisions, faster resulting in an improved bottom line!

Contact your 3rd Eye representative today, we’re positive it will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make regarding your fleet’s health.

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