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Instantly Identify Recycling Contamination At Its Source

Thanks to 3rd Eye®, identifying contamination at the source becomes easier. Commercial recycling container content images are captured when the container is serviced. Powerful technology is then employed to identify the sources of contamination – and to assist in measuring compliance.

With 3rd Eye Contamination identification operating, fleet owners have a tool to assist in identifying contamination and potentially recouping some of the expense associated with disposing of contaminated loads. Most fleets can recognize almost $6,500 of additional revenue per month for each commercial front loader assigned to recycling collection. Contamination identification is part of the Connected Collections® Digital Strategy to help Fleet Owners Make Better Decisions. Faster.

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Passively identify recycling contamination with no driver interaction.

With Purif-Eye®, 3rd Eye collects images of commercial container content and processes those images to identify potential contamination in recycling streams. From a hauler’s perspective, the entire process is hands off—the hauler receives timely identification of the contamination found on its routes.

With the images captured from Purif-Eye, fleet owners can go back to customers and educate them on monitoring their waste stream to reduce recycling contamination. 3rd Eye developed this solution to assist recycling haulers whose recycling loads were rejected at Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), potentially jeopardizing the repurposing of valuable recyclables, and resulting in fines for haulers. Many haulers that already monitor for contamination do so at the expense of route productivity, often requiring the driver to exit the cab, flip the container lid, and manually capture images.

SB1383 Compliance Software Waste Contamination

California SB 1383 Compliance Solutions

Purif-Eye by 3rd Eye offers a passive recycling contamination detection system, enhancing collection point efficiency. Integrating the route review module with our product streamlines planning and reporting for mandatory California SB 1383 annual route reviews. This automated solution meets contract requirements and avoids fines without extra resources. It simplifies selecting audit routes and containers, with 3rd Eye documenting and analyzing each collection. The truck-mounted contamination camera replaces manual inspection, improving safety and reducing risks. The route review module ensures regulatory compliance and efficiency in container audits, aiding in contract acquisition and retention.

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Recognize about $6,500 of additional revenue per month, per commercial front loader.

On average, about 15% of all commercial recycling picks are contaminated, based on data provided by several national and regional fleets. Given the hefty fines that come with loads with excess contamination—often a $50 to $100 per ton fee charged on the entire truck’s load—fleet owners have historically been on the losing end when their trucks pull up to offload at the MRF. And, for those vertically integrated haulers with captive MRF and landfill operations, contamination drives higher operating costs, reduced processing capacity, and additional handling costs in transferring residues to landfill.

Fleets vary on the fees they charge their end users – but based on the data collected, with Purif-Eye fleets can recognize almost $6,500 of additional revenue per month for each commercial front loader assigned to recycling collection.

3rd Eye Eye-Site Fleet Management Software Portal

Introducing the new Eye-Site Interface

With Eye-Site™, 3rd Eye customers will have access to the most comprehensive interface out there – designed to allow easy access to millions of data points – driven by Eye-Site Business Intelligence, the engine that fuels Connected Collections. With Eye-Site, users can easily manipulate fleet information, Optim-Eyes data feeds, Safety Intelligence information – or a host of other customizable reports that help fleet owners make better decisions faster.

Discover how Purif-Eye can help you make better decisions, faster.

Haulers who traditionally are burdened with disposing of contaminated commercial recycling loads now have an ally with Purif-Eye – the latest Connected Collections SaaS module. Now fleet owners can identify contamination in Commercial FEL recycling loads and both educate end-users and potentially recoup expenses associated with processing contaminated recycling payloads.

With typical ROI in HOURS, the 3rd Eye Purif-Eye module is could be the smartest thing you do for your business this year. Contact your nearest 3rd Eye, Heil®, or Soft-Pak® sales representative to walk you through the calculator or to set up a demo.

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Make better decisions. Faster.

The ESG Connected Collections digital strategy gives fleet owners the information they need to make better decisions…faster. Learn more about how Connected Collections can make a difference to your bottom line.

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