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Refuse Fleet Management Has Never Been Easier.

Refuse collection can be a tricky business. Knowing that you’ve serviced a home or business is important. So is doing it productively and safely every time. 3rd Eye onboard garbage truck camera systems constantly monitor your driver as well as their environment to ensure the safe operation of their vehicle. It also allows fleet owners immediate verification of service and video validation of overfilled containers – which can lead to more revenue / increased service frequency.

Take Your Safety & Productivity To The Next Level

In this short video, the Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery team describes how 3rd Eye Safety Solutions help take your safety and productivity to the next level, providing the vision needed to achieve your organization’s safety objectives.


Wrap assets in 360° of camera coverage to monitor vehicle and driver environment in real time


Record and track the hours your assets are working and their exact location


Know the health of your engine with key utilization metrics captured in real time.

Garbage Truck Cameras - Trash Truck Camera Systems
View your drivers behavior for the ultimate in safety and coaching opportunities
Engine and Transmission Diagnostics monitor your trucks drive train performance
Integrated Radar Systems Eliminate Blind Spots
Enhance VBA® provide immediate feedback on equipment performance
3rd Eye Mobile cameras and radar provide 360° garbage truck protection
3rd Eye Mobile cameras provide 360° coverage of truck and equipment
Garbage Truck Body Analytic Systems

Know the complete status of your garbage truck’s hopper, compactor, and ancillary equipment in real time.


Know when your assets are on highway and when they’re not with the data to validate

Garbage Truck Cameras and Backup Camera Systems

Refuse fleet solutions customized for your business needs.

Connected Cameras Always Recording.
On-Demand Safety Video Requests.

Magnif-Eye provides fleets with the opportunity to understand the “what-ifs”. Thanks to the intelligent 3rd Eye on-board system with connected cameras, you are always recording. Through our easy-to-use interface, you can identify a point in time and/or an address, and request a Magnif-Eye vehicle event. These events contain video that can help you understand what truly happened, with irrefutable, documented video proof.

When it comes to safety, we care! 3rd Eye provides the tools needed to easily create safety events yourself, and our team of experts are on call if you need a helping hand.

What If…

Refuse containers could talk to our trucks, and communicate both the contents of the container, and what that truck needed to do with the container’s payload?

What If…

Trucks could talk with the fleet’s maintenance department, with the information that a part for a system that was GOING to fail within the next month, and then place an order for that part autonomously?

What If…

A truck could sense it’s location and determine whether it was on-route, or off-road with regard to federal highway tax implications.

At 3rd Eye, these are will do's, not what if's

3rd Eye Enhance VBA® (Vehicle Behavioral Analytics) provide us with a deliverable vision of will do's, not what if's. Maybe it's time you join us on this journey as we run to the sound of innovation.

At 3rd Eye, the Internet of Possible isn't us.

The Internet of Possible is you.

Fleet Management Systems

All Your Trucks.
All Your Systems.
One Connection.
One Vision.


Monitor Driver Behavior

3rd Eye lets you view all of your driver's behavior in real time. From speed, traffic control device compliance, hard stops and more, see exactly how your drivers are performing.

Garbage Truck Body & Chassis Information

Monitor live vehicle and body information. Prevent issues before they occur, see hydraulic pressures, engine analytics and more.

Complete Camera Coverage

360° camera coverage for complete liability protection.
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Waste Hauler Garbage Fleet Tracking Software

Are you ready?

Take Control Of Your Refuse Fleet!

3rd Eye systems that allow refuse fleet owners to manage all aspects of their garbage trucks and drivers. From safety, to vehicle and body behavior and more, we can show you how to take control of all the items that make a huge difference to your bottom line.