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Camera systems designed to last in the toughest mobile applications. Yours.

3rd Eye® has developed industry-leading back-up truck camera systems designed to withstand shock and vibrations up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt, and handle extreme temperatures.  Complete recording capabilities are available through our built-in SD Card Monitors and stand-alone mobile DVR units.  Find maximum fleet safety management through real-time recording and user-friendly operation.  Need reports and driver behavior management?  No problem, be sure to check out our innovative digital fleet solutions for more details. For the best truck cameras in the business, 3rd Eye Mobile is the name fleet owners trust.

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Truck Cameras

3rd Eye Mobile offers the widest array of truck backup cameras in the industry. 3rd Eye truck cameras are designed to withstand shock and vibration up to 10G, repel water, salt, and handle extreme temperatures. 3rd Eye Digital also provides a complete suite of vehicle camera systems associated with driver environmental monitoring. Check out 3rd Eye Digital for more details.

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Truck Camera Monitors

3rd Eye offers the largest selection of truck camera monitors to suit any fleet owner and any cab configuration. From integrated rear-view mirror cameras to 3rd Eye 9” color monitors, 3rd Eye customers can depend on robust products, designed to provide years of service. All 3rd Eye truck cameras are rated for 10G shock and vibration and have an array of additional features including DVR and wireless connectivity options. Contact your 3rd Eye sales team to discuss the monitor that best suits your individual needs.

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Truck Camera Parts & Accessories

3rd Eye stocks the complete suite of truck camera parts and accessories for all of your fleet’s camera and monitor needs, including cables, mounts, brackets – as well as a dedicated service team that can repair your monitors or gateways at our  Austin, Texas service and support location. We’re here to help!

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Looking For Complete Real-Time Video & Data Capture Solutions? We Are Here To Help!

Configuring your fleet just got a lot more comprehensive, thanks to a number of truck camera kits associated with the 3rd Eye. Now fleet owners have the option of mounting up to eight cameras on their vehicle to provide complete 360° of coverage.