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Utility Fleet Management Made Simple

Utility vehicles play an immediate role in power outages to ensure that vital services are available to cities and towns across America. 3rd Eye cameras and digital body/chassis sensors ensure that all utility vehicle systems are operational and transmitting vital system information to validate maximum levels of efficiency. Real-time monitoring allows fleet owners to see what their linemen are seeing.

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Wrap assets in 360° of camera and doppler radar coverage to monitor vehicle and driver environment in real time.


Record and track the hours your assets are working and their exact location.


Know the health of your engine with key utilization metrics captured in real time


Know the status of your outriggers, bucket or boom and PTO in real time.

Monitor all vital engine usage and diagnostic information.
Monitor and view driver behavior in real time for maximum safety and coaching opportunities
View boom, outriggers and PTO hydraulic system information.
View boom, outriggers and PTO hydraulic system information.
Wrap your driver in 360° Camera and IRIS radar protection.

Know when your assets are on highway and when they’re not with the data to validate


Know how many assets you have present at your jobsites all in real time.


3rd Eye specializes in customizing utility fleet management systems to meet your specific needs. We are here to help!

All Your Trucks.
All Your Systems.
One Connection.
One Vision.


Monitor Driver Behavior

3rd Eye lets you view all of your driver's behavior in real time. From speed, traffic control device compliance, hard stops and more.

Vehicle and Body Information

Monitor live vehicle and body information. Prevent issues before they occur, see hydraulic pressures, engine analytics and more.

Complete Camera Coverage

Wrap your truck in 360° camera coverage for complete liability protection.
Fleet Management Systems
Waste Hauler Garbage Fleet Tracking Software

Are you ready?

Take Control Of Your Utility Fleet!

3rd Eye systems allow utility fleet owners to monitor all aspects of their trucks, drivers and systems. From safety, to vehicle and body behavior and more, we can show you how to take control of all the items that make a huge difference to your bottom line.