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Watch Out for Pedestrians and Cyclists

From the Headlines:

  • A scientist visiting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Japan was killed by a garbage truck while riding her bicycle in Boston.
  • A bicyclists in her 50s or 60s was struck by a vehicle and run over by a garbage truck in Manhattan.
  • A New Jersey woman died after being hit by a garbage truck in a crosswalk.

Walking and bicycling are popular forms of transportation in cities and towns across the country. Unfortunately, each year pedestrian fatalities comprise about 12% of all traffic fatalities – about 4,000 deaths. Nearly 60,000 pedestrians are hurt in roadway crashes annually

Whether coming up to an intersection, driving on a straightaway or backing down a tight alleyway, drivers should always be aware of and look out for pedestrians and bicyclists.

*blog courtesy of NSWMA Safety Monday –