3rd Eye Amps Up The Power Of Their Nationwide Service Network

3rd eye nationwide truck camera service network

Katy, TX (March 13, 2018) – The creative spark that led to the generation of 3rd Eye’s innovative suite of products is now fueling expansion of the company’s vast service network — and leaving the competition in the rearview mirror.

“As 3rd Eye continues to enhance our product offerings and customer outreach, we’re boosting our technical support team to meet the challenges of more products in the field,” said Nate Davis, VP of Service and Digital Solutions, adding, “our goal is to service customers quickly, regardless of where they’re located.”

The 3rd Eye team, with headquarters in Katy, Texas, consists of long-tenured technicians who are the backbone of the service department. And as more fleet owners realize the value of 3rd Eye’s products and solutions, so does the demand for trained, efficient service technicians.

The Katy-based team supports 3rd Eye Mobile products, 3rd Eye Digital Solutions, installers, and the company’s nationwide service team. Most of them have been with the company since the beginning so they share a deep-rooted passion for innovation and a commitment to 3rd Eye’s customers. The company also has 15 service techs at strategic locations around the U.S., as well as a number of third-party contractors who can be dispatched to a customer’s location to handle any issues on-site.

“We’re a solutions company, so our goal is to make sure our availability to our customers exceeds their needs and expectations,” said Darrick Reed, president of 3rd Eye. “We now offer fleet owners the option of signing up for a preventive maintenance agreement that provides monthly monitoring of each truck by a service tech who is assigned to that customer. This technician will focus on their fleet and their particular needs at their site.”

The preventive maintenance agreement includes: “
A routine monthly scheduled site visit “
3rd Eye product inspection on units as identified by:
Service request via the 3rd Eye web portal
Listed on division health report
Miscellaneous fasteners
Weekly heath report per division
Labor associated with in- and out-of-warranty repairs is included if completed during a scheduled reoccurring visit (out-of-warranty hardware is not covered)
Labor, mileage and travel expenses associated with the preventive maintenance visit
“Because 3rd Eye systems are safety-related technology, the equipment must be operational for the truck to go out on route. That means it’s critical the equipment is working correctly,” said Davis. “While our competitors are focused on their bottom line, 3rd Eye is unwavering in our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, and lowering costs for fleet owners.”

3rd Eye Mobile

The 3rd Eye Mobile video offerings are part of its Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ ¬- a complete suite of information captured by 3rd Eye cameras, collision avoidance radar, body sensors and chassis data – transmitted in real time via 3rd Eye’s Hurricane Gateway to fleet owners to help better manage and protect their assets. All data is transmitted through the use of one connection, cutting down wire bundle clutter and simplifying installation, maintenance, and ultimately – data dissemination.

About 3rd Eye: Dover’s 3rd Eye was formed in 2001. The company provides real-time Vehicle Function/Route Performance Analytics and also uses state-of-the-art camera systems to capture and document in-cab and external events to improve the safety, reliability and profitability of collection fleet operations. 3rd Eye is committed to ongoing innovation, engineering excellence, and impeccable business ethics. For more information about 3rd Eye, visit www.3rdeyecam.com. The 3rd Eye Facebook page – or follow us on Twitter.


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