NWRA ANSI Standards

The ANSI Z245 Standards are national industry standards for waste and recycling equipment, facilities, and operations. Some safety procedures and practices to keep in mind as you and your employees begin their workday:

  • Be familiar with the manufacturer’s operator’s manual and operate all equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not direct your attention from assigned duties.
  • Use the employer required personal protective equipment and high – visibility apparel
  • Report damaged and defective equipment, safety related deficiency or worn out – illegible signage to the employer.
  • Ensure that safety equipment is not disabled nor bypassed.
  • Ensure that all persons are clear of the hopper or lifting mechanism before actuating any packaging cycle or material handling controls. Operator must remain at the controls during the packing cycle, being ready to stop the process if needed.
  • Limit the speed in the stand-up position to a maximum of 20 mph (32kph).
  • Keep mirrors adjusted correctly to accommodate different driving positions/ change of driver.

For a full list of employee safety responsibilities, ask your safety director for the ANSI Z245.1 Mobile Waste and Recyclable materials collection, transportation, and compaction equipment standard safety requirements.

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