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Spotters play an important role at a landfill, on the tipping floor and on the street, anywhere a vehicle may have to back-up. Spotters protect pedestrians and property when a truck or heavy equipment move in reverse. However spotters themselves can be at risk for injury or even death and also need protection.

Employers can implement the following actions to help keep spotters safe:

  • Ensure that spotters and drivers agree on hand signals before backing up.
  • Instruct spotters to always maintain visual contact with the driver while the vehicle is backing.
  • Instruct drivers to stop backing immediately if they lose sight of the spotter.
  • Do not give spotters additional duties while they are acting as spotters.
  • Instruct spotters not to use personal mobile phones, personal headphones or other items which could pose a distraction during spotting activities.
  • Provide spotters with high-visibility clothing, especially during night operations

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