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Fire Prevention Week

October 4-10 is national Fire Prevention Week. Fires are a risk to all operations in the solid waste industry including collection, processing, disposal, and at manufacturing facilities.


Review your fire prevention plan and emergency action plan.
Conduct fire extinguisher training and evacuation drills with employees.

Trucks and Mobile Equipment

Clean debris from in and around the engine and behind the cab.
Check battery terminals and cables for wear.
Inspect hydraulic lines for leaks, cracking and wear – especially those near the exhaust system.
Equip the vehicle with a battery disconnect and a fuel shut off (CNG Vehicles).
Ensure a fire extinguisher is available on/in the vehicle.

Housekeeping. Keep dust and debris from around motors, electrical panels/controls and other ignition sources.
Maintain a safe area to discharge a hot load.
Keep flammable and combustible chemicals in a proper storage cabinet.
Use a Hot Work permit system for welding and grinding.
Maintain a smoking-free workplace or have a designated smoking area.
Ensure fire extinguishers are available and accessible.
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