4 Channel Vehicle DVR – MR420

With the 3rd Eye MR420S DVR, capturing and retaining vehicle mishaps is both easy and cost-effective. The unit mounts inside the cab and easily hooks up to both power and your camera source [optional] via included cables. In addition, with the included 32 GB Commercial-Grade Card, you can record and retrieve audio/video immediately – and the unit will accept up to an optional 128MB Card for added recording capacity. Contact your 3rd Eye Sales Representative for more information.


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General Features:

3rd Eye now offers the most advanced vehicle digital video recorder (DVR) on the market.  With exceptionally high-quality video and audio playback, this 4 Channel DVR will provide accurate real-time surveillance.  Think of it as a “Black Box” for the commercial transportation and distribution industries.

  • High-performance video compression – AVI format
  • GPS tracking and time calibration
  • Ignition-off record (30 sec.~ 60 min.)
  • G-Sensor status recording and event trigger
  • Up to 128 GB Micro SD Card recording
  • Viewer software for display of video and e-map
Applications Suitable for any way of transportation:  Transport vehicle, school bus, taxi, garbage truck, etc.
GPS Information GPS DVR supports latitude/longitude coordinates and driving speed along with additional information
G-Sensor & Events Status Built-in G Sensor cam record X/Y/Z axis changes, supports ignition recording function
Daylight Savings Time Supports international daylight savings time, time set automatically, eliminating the trouble of manually adjusting the time
CMS Includes CMS software that can playback video and manages fleet while enhancing the overall scope of a simple GPS tracker

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