3EC-IRIST01 – IRIS Collision Warning Radar


The 3EC-IRIST01 is a surface-mounted collision warning radar sensor built to maintain a true OEM look on your vehicle. The 3EC-IRIST01 utilizes your existing 3rd Eye Mobile Camera cables for easy installation. With our integrated IRIS Radar continuous-wave sensor technology, you can benefit from the advantage of object detection, removal of blind spots, and collision avoidance even under the most extreme applications. The 3EC-IRIST01 provides the ability to effectively detect objects in areas close to the vehicle and alert the vehicle driver.


General Features:

  • 77 GHz. Radar FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
  • 180º azimuth FOV (Field of View)
  • 12V / 24V to power the Sensor
  • Rugged and can operate from -40ºC to +85ºC

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (WxLxH) 90m x 117m x 59.35m
Weight 377g
Voltage 7-36V
Power 12V or 24V power system
Operating Temperature -45ºC to +85ºC / All Weather Operation
Audible 95db @ 3m
Range 0.5m to 10m
Mounting 4-bolt Surface Mount for OEM Fit
Integration Integrates to existing AWTI Camera / Body Builder Cable
Installation Retro, Aftermarket, and OEM solutions
Warranty Standard 1-Year
Alert Visible and Audible Alert