MR420 DVR 4 Channel Vehicle DVR

MR420S 4 Channel Vehicle DVR


3rd Eye now offers the most advanced vehicle digital video recorder (DVR) on the market.  With exceptionally high-quality video and audio playback, this 4 Channel DVR will provide accurate real-time surveillance.  Think of it as a “Black Box” for the commercial transportation and distribution industries.

With the 3rd Eye MR420S DVR, capturing and retaining vehicle mishaps is both easy and cost-effective. The unit mounts inside the cab and easily hooks up to both power and your camera source [optional] via included cables. In addition, with the included 32 GB Commercial-Grade Card, you can record and retrieve audio/video immediately – and the unit will accept up to an optional 128MB Card for added recording capacity. Contact your 3rd Eye Sales Representative for more information.

General Features:

  • High-performance video compression – AVI format
  • GPS tracking and time calibration
  • Ignition-off record (30 sec.~ 60 min.)
  • G-Sensor status recording and event trigger
  • Up to 128 GB Micro SD Card recording
  • Viewer software for display of video and e-map
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