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3rd Eye® Testimonial Videos

John Winters, Winters Bros.  Operations Manager

We had a chance to sit down with John Winters, Winters Bros. Waste Systems Operations Manager, to chat about how their company leverages ESG’s Connected Collections digital strategy to help propel their business forward and provide the best service possible to their customers.

Frank Mishoe
Carolina Towing

With the tools provided by 3rd Eye, towing companies such as Carolina Towing & Recovery are able to conduct business with ease knowing that they have us supporting them with critical safety and operational data!

3rd Eye & Ryland Environmental

Keeping drivers safe is the golden rule for 3rd Eye. With great tools and technology such as 3rd Eye Mobile cameras and 3rd Eye Enhance VBA® (Vehicle Behavioral Analytics), companies such as Ryland Environmental, Inc. are able to find comfort knowing safety is always a top priority!

Jason Leck
VP, Leck Waste Services

Hear Jason Leck, VP of Leck Waste Services describe why 3rd Eye Enhance VBA® (Vehicle Behavioral Analytics) helps them manage their fleet and deliver increased profitability in a competitive market.

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