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Frank Mishoe
Carolina Towing

With the tools provided by 3rd Eye, towing companies such as Carolina Towing & Recovery are able to conduct business with ease knowing that they have us supporting them with critical safety and operational data!

3rd Eye & Ryland Environmental

Keeping drivers safe is the golden rule for 3rd Eye. With great tools and technology such as 3rd Eye Mobile cameras and 3rd Eye Digital Vehicle Behavioral Analytics, companies such as Ryland Environmental, Inc. are able to find comfort knowing safety is always a top priority!

Jason Leck
VP, Leck Waste Services

Hear Jason Leck, VP of Leck Waste Services describe why 3rd Eye’s Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics helps them manage their fleet and deliver increased profitability in a competitive market.

ELD Installation & Usage

We’re glad you chose to use 3rd Eye as your ELD provider. Now let us show you how to install and use our program.

SD Cart Check and Removal

3rd Eye Service Shack guide to SD card check and removal

Software / Firmware Update Indication

3rd Eye guide to Software & Firmware Update Indication.

Powering On The 3rd Eye Unit

3rd Eye Service Shack provides a handy guide for powering on the 3rd Eye unit

Connecting Splitter Cables

3rd Eye Service Shack guide to connecting splitter cables.

Troubleshooting No Lights on Window Unit

3rd Eye troubleshooting no lights on window unit.

Gateway Connection Points

3rd Eye Service Shack provides a handy guide for working with Gateway Connection Points

Improving Lives
3rd Eye Quality Team

Rick Gutierrez (3rd Eye Quality Manager) describes how the 3rd Eye Quality Team helps Improve Lives.

Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

Jeffry Swertfeger (Director of Marketing, ESG) interviews Andy Campbell (Contract Administrator, Sourcewell) to find out how 3rd Eye fans can utilize Sourcewell’s services.

3rd Eye
One Vision

Learn more about 3rd Eye’s line of fleet management and safety product. One brand, one vision.

3rd Eye

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