AWT2000RS – Collision Avoidance Vehicle Radar

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General Features:

The AWT2000RS is a surface mounted ruggedized collision avoidance radar sensor built to mount flush on your vehicle.  The AWT2000RS utilizes your existing 3rd Eye Mobile Camera cables for easy installation.  With our integrated Doppler Microwave Technology, you will benefit from the advantage of object detection / collision avoidance even under the most extreme applications.

Voltage 10-28 VDC
Power 0.6mA (12V)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C – All Weather Operation
Audible 95db @ 3m
Range Variable up to 30′
Mounting 4″ Grommet Mount for OEM Fit
Integration Integrates to existing AWTI Camera Cable / Body Builder Cable
Automatic Braking Optional – Please Call for More Details
Installation Retrofit and OEM Solutions
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Alert Audio and Video Alert When Paired with a 3rd Eye Camera System