All modern vehicles speak a digital language. Whether it’s merely engine information or complete chassis and body communication, up to this point in time, very few companies had the resources or inherent knowledge to both interpret – and act upon this language. At 3rd Eye, we’ve developed technologies that not only understand the language our vehicles communicate in, we’ve engineered processes that allow us to act upon this information. We’ve taken our industry leading cameras and engineered them to communicate with us in a way that protects a fleet owner’s assets, provides accident and fraud mitigation feeds, [both accident and service-related fraud], and allows fleet owners to monitor driver behavior and asset location – all in real time.

3rd Eye then engineered body-system-sensor communications that provide real-time status and feedback for both chassis and body-related functions. Fleet owners know critical operational metrics, such as fuel consumption, operational temperatures and pressures – as well as when hydraulics are being utilized and the position of hydraulically operated body systems. This allows fleet owners to know when fuel is being used to move the vehicle vs. when the vehicle is using fuel to perform a body function [like compacting a load of garbage or lifting a dumpster]. Geo sensors allow fleet owners to know when assets are operating on road vs. off road. For the first time, fleet owners have the ability to request tax rebates for the Heavy Highway Use Tax, for fuel used during non-use fuel consumption.

For any trucker operating a commercial vehicle, vehicle logs are a way of life. Beginning in December of 2017, commercial drivers are mandated to use Electronic Logging Devices to reduce paperwork, increase accuracy – and make Hours of Service [HOS] reporting easier. With 3rd Eye, ELD is merely part of the offering, allowing direct communication between the engine and the embedded software.

3rd Eye also developed body function sensors that can communicate their health status to a fleet’s maintenance specialists. This predictive maintenance allows fleet owners time to ensure they have the parts in stock for those systems communicating eminent service needs. This systems status report allows a fleet to schedule downtime, which greatly improves productivity and helps to lower the overall cost of ownership of those products.

In short, Enhance VBA™ allows fleet owners to make better decisions, from safety and operational preparedness, to logs and true fuel tax expectations.

Hear Jason Leck, VP of Leck Waste Services describe why 3rd Eye’s Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics helps them manage their fleet and deliver increased profitability in a competitive market. 

3rd Eye - Leck Testimonial from DoverESG on Vimeo.