For anyone operating a commercial vehicle, the migration to Electronic Logging Device [ELD] mandates just got a whole lot easier. 3rd Eye’s ELD is as simple to use as your cell phone. In fact, it’s an app on your mobile device or tablet!

Designed for Simplicity

Drivers need to keep their mind on the road – and 3rd Eye ELD is fully approved and compliant with FMCSA requirements. The system allows for GPS tracking, management of all driver logs [with data storage for up to six months] and both user and vehicle management and vehicle inspection reports.

Simply plug in the dongle, upload the app – and you’re all set.


ELD Features Included That Are Part Of The Management Portal


  • Map (using Dover’s Google API)
  • HOS Status
  • Alerts (ELD alerts only)
  • Potential Violations

User Screen

  • ELD Required User Information (i.e. Name, Drivers License Number, etc.)
  • ELD settings (Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance
  • Roles: Driver and Fleet Manager
  • Region/Terminal/Department

 Truck Screen

  • All Truck Fields: Year, Make, Model, VIN, etc.
  • Region/Terminal/Department

Logbook Screen


  • Account
  • Company Data
  • Departments
  • Feedback
  • Logout

Mobile Applications


  • Time remaining On-Duty
  • Time remaining until required break
  • Time remaining Driving 

DOT Inspection Icon:

Logs Icon 

Logbook Screen

  • 70/8
  • 60/7
  • Short Haul
  • ELD



ELD Installation Instructional Video: 


ELD Installation and UsageInstructional Video: