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AWT07M2LEDT HD Monitor

This heavy duty two-port rear view camera monitor is designed with the same specs as our AWT07MLED with the only exception being the amount of camera inputs. Designed to withstand shock and vibrations of up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt and handle extreme temperatures.

Single Screen viewing is only available on the 7” screen. The AWT07M2LED is a rugged, robust monitor protected by die cast aluminum housing with the highest military specs suitable for the toughest known environments.

AWT150C Camera

This heavy duty CCD color camera delivers both high image quality and high durability no matter what the operating conditions are. Dual housing design keeps any moisture or water that may leak from the harness from getting inside the camera. Sturdy aluminum die-cast external housing ensures the durability of the camera body.
This weatherproof backup color camera features built-in infrared LED’s for increased light sensitivity and an integrated microphone so you can hear as well as see what is behind your vehicle.

AWT07M2LEDT HD Monitor Specifications:

Dimensions 192 (W) x 140.5 (H) x 51.8 (D) mm
Screen Size 7″ LED Display
Shock Rating ≥10G, Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Video Inputs Supports up to 5 Cameras (4 CCD, 1 AV)
Electronics New LED Panel Technology – Reduced Heat
Viewing Options Split, Tri, Quad Scren Capability
E-Prom Programmable
Installation Quick Disconnect for easy Installation
Speaker Built-in with Adjustable Volume
Mounting Cradle or Pedestal Mounting Capability
Trigger Options Custom Camera Triggers – Reverse/Turn Signal
Sun Shield Ultimate View Guard from Sun

AWT150C Camera Specifications:

Sony HD Color Chip 1/3″ Sony Super HAD Color CCD
Lens Angle 150˚
Shock Rating ≥10G, Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Waterproof IP68 Rating
Night Vision Infrared LED For Night Viewing In Total Darkness
High Tempered Glass Durable – Protect Against The Elements
Viewing Distance Minimum of 20′
Audio Built-In Microphone Hears What Camera Sees
Operating Temp -67˚F to 158˚F (-55˚C to 70˚C) Internal Heater
Trigger Options Custom Triggers – Reverse/Turn Signal Capable
Sun Shield Ultimate View Guard From Sun

*Other cable lengths available. Contact your sales rep for details.

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