3rd Eye Cam


3rd Eye Cam is the tool you need to modify your drivers' behavior, reduce your accident costs and generate more revenue from your vehicles.  It gives you unmatched awareness of what's happening with your vehicles and drivers at all times. 3rd Eye Cam highlights the risky behaviors that can lead to accidents, personal injury, and property damage - and endanger a driver's professional livelihood.  By showing a driver's unsafe actions, you can coach them to be safer.  Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with 3rd Eye Cam as well.  Your drivers capture new sales opportunities and service issues through 3rd Eye Cam, so you drive top-line growth while improving operational efficiency. 

Capture all of a Vehicles Activities:  3rd Eye Cam features constant video surveillance on up to 8 vehicle cameras simultaneously.  You'll never miss an accident, so you can investigate recorded facts immediately and defend your company - and your drivers - from fraudulent claims. 

    100% Vehicle Coverage:  Accidents happen from all angles.  Eight (8) camera viewing shows your drivers and their surroundings.

      Custom Grading and Scoring:  Filter events to coach precisely the behaviors you want to correct and define custom scoring.

      Advanced Event Data:  Speed, shock, driver, location, cause of trigger are all shown with high-quality video - everything you need to determine what happened and train your drivers accordingly.

      Fully Managed Service Accessed securely through the web, supervisors see only the events necessary to manage your fleet's safety and coach their drivers' performance.