Backing into Trouble

Backing is the most common type of accident involving our industry’s trucks and contributes to 25% of all traffic accidents. What can you do to avoid the dangers of backing?

  • Avoid backing by planning ahead.
  • Alert your supervisor or dispatch if a container or stop could be changed to eliminate or minimize backing.
  • Use a spotter, if possible.
  • STOP. Check your surroundings, mirrors and monitors.
  • Sound your horn before backing.
  • Backup alarms, cameras and detection systems are common devices used to prevent backing accidents.
  • Do Not back with a rider on the rear step.
  • Do Not back if your mirrors or camera are covered with ice or dirt.

Technology, training, sensible routing and wearing high visibility garments can all play a role in improving safety while backing.

*Blog courtesy of National Waste and Recycling Association.  For more information visit

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