Safe Driver Certification

The safe driver certification is recognition of having met the professional challenge of safe vehicle operation in the waste and recycling industry. Through education, experience, and examination, The National Waste & Recycling Association has developed this program to address the specialized needs of the industry and the specific driving hazards its employees face each day.

• Passing the exam indicates that a driver has foundational knowledge of industry best practices and exhibits professionalism in driver safety
• Certification establishes a proficiency in the elements of commercial driving, safety protocol, procedures, regulations, standards and performance
• The safe driver certification is designed specifically for drivers with a current commercial driver’s license and a minimum of 12 months experience driving in the waste and recycling industry
• The Association offers exam windows throughout the year if a candidate meets the prerequisites

For driving professionals in the waste and recycling industry, certification validates their knowledge, skills and ability for safe vehicle operation. For the company you work for, it proves that the highest standards of excellence and safety are being met. By being a waste and recycling certified driver, individuals serve as leaders and role models for the industry. Certification is a mark of distinction. The test is available now.

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