2014 is a New Year, But Distracted Driving is Still a Problem!

A tractor-trailer driver was checking his text messages when he ran into 10
vehicles stopped in traffic on a freeway. He killed 3 people and injured 15
others. This incident cost his employer $24 million. Consider this: if an
employer makes $2 profit per stop along a route, it would take 12 million
stops to cover the cost of the damage. That would take one truck making
200 stops per day about 164 years!

The National Safety Council estimates that the number one cause of workplace
deaths is due to vehicle crashes. A quarter of those crashes involve
drivers using cell phones. Drivers who use mobile devices are four times
likelier to crash.

The leading causes of workplace death include:
• Motor vehicle crashes – 1,600 deaths
• Assaults – 832 deaths
• Incidents involving objects or equipment – 738 deaths
• Falls – 646 deaths

This year, resolve to stop using your cell phone while you drive!

*blog courtesy of NSWMA Safety Monday - http://www.environmentalistseveryday.org/

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